Hello Immanuel Lutheran families. Your student brought home a fundraising packet 10/12 and they've been asked to share it with you.  We are sponsoring a fundraiser through 360 Fundraising and we are asking for your help.  We are raising money for new playground equipment and other PTF projects.  Every student at our school will benefit from this fundraiser. Your participation is greatly appreciated.  The fundraiser order forms and money are due to the school October 27th.  Please make sure your student’s name and teacher’s name are on the order form and that your money matches what is ordered.  On behalf of ILS, thank you for your support!

PRODUCTS STUDENTS ARE SELLING:  Items from the 360 Sweets & Gifts brochure featuring cookie dough, candies, wrapping paper, kitchen items and much more!
SCHOOL IS RAISING MONEY FOR:  New playground equipment and other PTF projects!

STUDENT INCENTIVES:  The students will be rewarded with a cumulative prize program.  In addition, any student who sells 15 items or more is invited on the limo ride to lunch!! There is a family limo incentive, as well, for families with multiple children.  We will also be giving out space monkey participation prizes during
the sale. Each student who comes in to their classroom after the sale begins and says they sold one thing will sign the chart teachers receive on the 12th and receive one space monkey.

DONATIONS: We will continue to accept straight donations. $15.00 donation equals one item sold. Students will receive prizes through the limo ride for donations
that meet that goal.

PRODUCT DELIVERY: The items ordered and the prizes earned are all packaged together by student name. Product delivery is set for Monday, November 16 in the afternoon. 

LIMO LUNCH DATE: The limo lunch prize date is set for Friday, December 11. More details about who will go and times for lunch will be set in November.
QUESTIONS:  Should you have any questions, please call or e-mail Darla Francies at (970)405-2707 or darlafrancies@hotmail.com.

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360 Fall Fundraiser
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