PTF Meeting Minutes November 2015
I. Opening Prayer - Kymberli
II. Welcome Guests - Janet Sandberg
Recognitions - Thank you PTF for parents day and dinner at conferences, thank you Mrs. Grimm (you are amazing), Sonja for the candy boxes and Kymberli, Sandy and D’Gee for helping
IV. Review and Vote October Minutes - Approved
V. Open Discussion - Wheel of Life
VI. Janet Sandberg: School Board/Scholastic Book Fair - End of January Set up, Sale, Close up.  Book Fair Dates Jan 25 - Feb 1st.  Funds go to more books for our library.  Janet spoke of milestones that are approaching: Aho and Busacker so far this year. Would it be a budget item or just new items every year?  Usually $200 - $250 per person.  Janet also wanted to know about pizzas for the staff to take home. This is usually $300 - $500.   Lauren "This is what we would like to do....  You have our support but we need to revamp the budget"
VII. Treasurer's Report - Working on it
VIII. Teacher Requests - Dana Brede, handed to Dena
IX. Fall Fundraiser Update - lower than previous years
X. Past Events:
    a. Second Grade Bibles - Yippee!
    b. Candy Drive - Yippee!
     c. Parent's Day Breakfast - Yippee!
XI. Upcoming Events:
     a. Polar Express Night (December) - tabled for next year
     b. Art Show (February) - will be discussed in January
     c. Additional "Education" Events (Math Seminar) - will be discussed in January
XII. Barnes & Noble Night/Restaurant Night
     a. Need volunteers
XIII. T-Shirt Sales (Lauren) - Lauren will handle by email.  Will discuss in January
XIV. PTF Christmas Party - Sonja
XV. Auction Update Kymberli - Sarah Willits worked for Olympics and has cool torches and stuff!
XVI. Closing Prayer
* 115 - 120lbs of candy was collected from the Candy Drive
** Agenda for next month? How to get more help?
*** Post-its, email to teachers, auction
**** Summer Movie Night.  Ask the Simpsons to set up a projector.
***** Teacher Gift Christmas Program - Sonja requested $315 to round up the gifts for staff.  Approved.

PTF Meeting Minutes October 2015
I. Opening Prayer - Lauren
II. Welcome Guests - Melissa & LiDonna
III. Recognitions - Sonja (website), Dena(Treasurer), new place for meeting
IV. Review and Vote September Minutes - Approved
V. Treasurer's Report - Budget item: How and where is the money for the school?, Susan Olsen (Oct 27th?) audit the books with Sandy, Lauren and Dena.
VI. Teacher Requests -
     a. Dinner during P/T Conferences
- Already have the funds
     b. Music Stands - $119.00 per stand.  LiDonna offered to help.  Thank You!!
     c. Pink Sheets - to Dena
VII. Fall Fundraiser Update - Lauren:Sherene to help
VIII. School Board Update - Lauren spoke with Janet Sandberg
     a. Current Marketing Task/Social Budget - T-shirts and signage.  Need to get window cling money back - vote approved.
     b. Teacher Celebrations(Milestones/Retirements) - Who pays for this?  Lauren will discuss this with Janet.
     c. Book Fair - Janet would like to come next month to talk to us.
     d. Teacher Appreciation - Need ideas please!
     e. Athletic Committee/Marketing Committee - Kelly has offered to help with this.  You rock Kelly!
IX. Fellowship Events/Planning Calendar - Kelly and Amanda *Kelly to report back on Athletes in Action
    a. Second Grade Bibles - Cake!
    b. Candy Drive - up to $400.00 approved for shipping some of the candy to Penpals
     c. Parent's Day Breakfast (November) - How much money should we spend?  Let's guess 200 people.
     d. Polar Express Night (December) - Hummmmmmm
     e. Art SHow (February) - Need Tiffany when she comes back from the other side of the pond.
     f. Additional "Education Events" (Math Seminar)(
     g. Rachel's Challenge Update - Tiffany and Sandy
X. Barnes & Noble Night/Restaurant Night - Lauren (Update from Emily) December 3rd from 5-7.  Chili's night will be the same night.  Enjoy crafts, cheesecake and coffee.
XI. T-Shirt Sales - Lauren:  Next time
XII. PTF Christmas Party - Sonja December 5th.  BYOB, 5PM, bring wine for Auction basket.
XIII. Ministry Highlight - via email, ie book shelves
XIV. Auction Update Kymberli - Totally Amazing!
XV. Closing Prayer - Kymberli
*  Kymberli would like us to remember painting night at Studio Vino.  And maybe ask Sarah Willits if she would be interested in game manager.

PTF Meeting Minutes Sept 2015
I. Opening Prayer
II. Welcome Guests - Welcome Kelly Moore!
III. Recognitions - Amanda for joining the meeting, Sherene from Tiffany for vollyball
IV. Review and Vote on August Minutes - Passed
V. Treasurer's Report - Need Treasurer!  Keep Working, Prayers please!
VI. Teacher Requests - None.  Do we still need stands for music?  Amanda to follow up.
VII. Planning Calendar:
     a. Spaghetti Dinner - Sign up sheet to help
     b. Fall Fundraiser Mrs Grimm - Meet with Darla to nail down dates (kick off 12-27th)
     c. Second Grade Bibles - Parents Day
     d. Candy Drive - 2-6th of November
     e. Christmas Party - December 5th
     f. Fall Fest - no help needed
VIII. Past Events
     a. Boo Hoo/Yahoo Breakfast - Great!!
    b. Splash Bash - Wonderful
IX. Auction Update - Kymberli: If you want to get involved then come to the other meeting.  Weekly Auction meetings will start soon.  Things are happening!
X. Website Sonja -    Send me pics, stories, etc!
XI. Barnes & Noble Night/Restaurant Night
XII. Terracycle - Nicole Wolf
XIII. Fellowship Events - New Committee:  Amanda and Kelly
    a. Polar Express - December.  Possible 18th 5:30 - 8.  Costco might have free cookies.
XIV. Review of the By-laws - Lauren
XV.  Closing Prayer - D'Gee

* T-Shirts not available yet.
** Kelly suggested that some parents would like help with math homework.  Mrs. Geiss and Tiffany - Are you smarter than a 5th grader??

PTF Meeting Minutes August

I. Opening Prayer - Tiffany
II. Welcome Guests/Introductions - Adding Recognitions to this category
III.  Mission Statement - Will be revised and hung on the wall.
IV.  Treasurer's Report - Cheryl: bonus for school supplies and uniforms.  Will need a report back from Tiffany and Sherene on uniform updates/we will try to stay ahead of future needs.
V. Teacher Requests - Approved Mrs. Tremblay's requests for $88.79 and $104.55.  Sandy: Library update, need new books to pair with new science curriculum (money in the budget), need a new chair for check-out desk, Thank you from Zimbabwe PenPals (Africa) was very moving.
VI.  Planning Calendar
      a. BooHoo/YaHoo Breakfast - Kymberli: Reviewed menu and help
      b. Fall Fundraiser - Mrs Grimm: Ready
      c. Splash Bash - Table will be set by Sonja, same as Orientation
      d. Second Grade Bibles/Parents Day - November 6th
VII. Past Events - Orientation Night:  was amazing!!
VIII. Room Parents - Need a chair to head up this group
IX. Auction Update - Kymberli: March 19th is the date, software and meet with Brooke
X. Website - Sonja: almost there Bob is working to debug
XI. Tiffany Update: Meeting with Teachers - What is PTF, teachers asked to get more invloved, work on Junior High Stuff
XII. Rachel's Challenge - Update - still want the program, goal for next year
XIII. Barnes & Noble Night - Emily (You are amazing)
XIV. Terracycle - Kymberli:  will be starting soon
XV. Fellowship Events - Oct 24th Fall Fest, Spaghetti dinner and December is Polar Express
XVI. Prepared Lunches - Approved.  D'Gee has $200 budget and will ask for help to assemble
XVII.  Board Fellowship Member - Still needs to get filled
Additional: Monthly restaurant night - thanks Emily!  Daycare will be provided by 8th graders and extra nights we will use Tim's group
Cheryl's Resignation - She will be stepping down as the treasurer because she cannot serve on more than 1 board and she has decided to join the Foundation board that is being headed by Brooke VanderWal.
XVIII. Closing Prayer - Kymberli