2015 ILS Spring Gala & Auction "Fly Me to the Moon
2015 ILS Spring Gala & Auction "Fly Me to the Moon was a great success.  Thank you to the over 200 people who attended this glamorous event and helped raise about $49,000!  This is PTF's largest fundraiser of the year and it helps fund many of things we support throughout the year.

This Year's "Fund an Item", which is a paddle raise for a specific donation target, was our School's Science Curriculum.  We raised over $14,000 dollars for this effort and helped the school update our entire science curriculum!

The rest of the money that was raised, along with other fundraising money, funded the following items prior to the start of this 2015-16 school year:
   *   Soccer Goals - our kids no longer have to walk to the park to practice and games can now be held on school grounds.

   *   Music Curriculum Materials - see our story on the homepage about Mrs. Tremblay's new "Essential Musicianship" Course for Middle School!

   *   Microphones for stage Productions

   *   Music Magazines

   *   Music Instruments

   *   Set of 10 Classroom iPads

   *   Support for Professional Development

   *   New storage shed for Early Childhood Development

   *   Security Cameras

   *   On site storage unit

   *   2nd Grade Bibles

Additionally the PTF team helped fund the following items:

   *   Teacher classroom supplies

   *   Track Uniforms

   *   Cheerleading

   *   Library books and shelving

   *   A Dinner for our Teachers during Parent/Teacher Conferences

   *   Shipping & Handling to send our used Soccer Uniforms to our Zimbabwe Pen Pals

   *   and more.........................