Below you will find various resources and documents that pertain to PTF business:
PTF Reimbursement Policy:

Reimbursement for budgeted items or teacher funds:

If the request is for an item that is approved by the budget or teacher funds, please fill out the PTF Check Request Form. 
The completed form along with receipts should be placed in the PTF box located in the school’s copy room (top , right box). 
The box is checked once a week during the school year and less frequently when school is not in session.  Your check will
be distributed as requested on the form.    If you would like to notify the treasurer about the request so the process could be
sped up, please email Dena.

Request for non-budgeted or special items:

Fill out a PTF Funding Request Form.  You can email the form to  For Items up $500, the
request can be voted on by the board through email.  All other requests will need to be discussed at the next PTF meeting
for approval.  Anything over $1,000 should be requested in person by the requestor at the next PTF meeting.  The meeting
times can be found on the PTF website.

If your request has been approved, please fill out the PTF Check Request Form when the funds are spent as described

PTF Funding Request Form

PTF Check Request Form
PTF Bylaws:

View PTF By-Laws
Teacher Wish/Favorites List Forms:

Teacher Wish List Form

Teacher Favorites Form