Terracycle Information
(Updated 9/9/15)

* Any sorting you do with what you collect at home is a big help to our
parent volunteers. For example, stuff all the chip/snack bags inside one
chip bag, all the bar wrappers in a clean/dry Ziploc or shopping bag. 

* Collection bins are located in the hallway by the SCRIPS office.

* All Terracycle items are turned in so they can be upcycled into new
products.  This diverts less trash to our landfill and earns money for our

Drink Pouch Brigade- any brand foil juice pouch, including the straw! Drink
pouches with spouts accepted too.  Please drink all your juice or squeeze them out. Put
these in the separate bins for juice pouches to keep the wet sticky stuff out of the dry stuff.

Chip/Snack Bag Brigade - any size, any brand, any condition empty chip,
pretzel, or snack bag, including 100 calorie wrappers. This includes the larger plastic bag
that held smaller snack sized bags of chips, bags of cracker jack, and any other chip, pretzel,
or cracker bags.

Energy Bar & Cliff Bar Wrapper Brigade - any brand, any condition foil
bar wrapper.  Includes energy bars, granola bars, meal replacement bars, protein bars, diet
bars and any Cliff Bar & Co. wrappers (Luna, MOJO, Cliff Kid-Z, etc.)

GoGo Squeez Brigade - GoGo Squeez snack pouches and any brand healthy
snack pouch plastic packaging, sealed with the caps please!

Scotch Tape Brigade - any size, any brand plastic tape dispensers and cores.

Writing Instruments Brigade - any brand pens, mechanical pencils, markers,
highlighters, permanent markers & all of their caps.

Personal Care and Beauty Brigade - any brand, any type of personal
care/beauty packaging.  Examples include lotions, sun tan lotion, face wash, body wash,
lipstick, lip balm, mascara, makeup cases, eye & lip pencils, shampoo and conditioner
bottles and tubes, hairspray bottles & triggers etc. Please clean them out as best you can
and seal them with their caps so they do not leak!  NO hair spray or sunscreen spray cans,
no nail polish bottles, or nail polish remover bottles.

Colgate Oral Care Brigade - any brand of toothpaste tubes & caps,
toothbrushes, toothbrush or toothpaste outer packaging & floss containers.  NO Electronic
toothbrushes or parts accepted.